The chair: Chinese "view of the world"

2018 04 16 April 07:57 source: Global network

Note: the cultural exchanges and mutual learning without borders. China culture has always been respected "reciprocity", Chinese hospitality, always pay attention "and cultural exchanges, Guests feel at home."; with the power of civilization is to narrow the distance between each other. Two cultural endorsement, Beijing trip mahogany furniture diplomacy was put on a thick and heavy in colours,

The historical moment twice endorsement

The afternoon of February 1, 2018, British Prime Minister Teresa May and her husband Philip May's visit to China during the visit to the the Imperial Palace Museum, the history and culture of the China long showing interest. Of particular interest is the British leadership couple in Diaoyutai tea, is still a neighbor family meet the atmosphere and feel, the leaders will be seated China long through the traditional furniture. Two take care mud with a mahogany chair round, relaxed and elegant. The appliance maker, is still for the the Imperial Palace building of Chinese and American leaders Baoyun tea seated providers: Beijing OK Xing furniture Co. ltd..

In November 8, 2017, U.S. President Trump and his wife short tea the Imperial Palace Baoyun floor Syria has become an important historical moment; tea sector is provided by the Beijing seat chair for the furniture, the focus of the world, become the most direct communication Chinese traditional culture "". Twice "endorsement", the furniture for diplomacy to add a pen into a thick and heavy in colours, profound cultural significance for the Chinese traditional furniture industry. One is the world's superpower Summit; is a former superpower leaders. They are China, in the world's attention in the words, words of civilization history, profound and rich connotation of the traditional culture are impressed China.

The Chinese civilization of 5000 years, the visiting Prime Minister Teresa may represent Britain is Europe's oldest countries, the leaders of the two countries to tea here for example, chair match with the round table, so, its cultural connotation clearer.

Is the road of art and peer

Is the beauty from the local rhyme God depends on details, work fine on drip. The seat of the superb technology and processing technology is very unique superb. The main body and the frame with Ming style furniture lines, structure, according to strict proportion, will use the function closely, to achieve harmony between form and function. In particular, save chair ring back and grab the leg and foot and other details of the site is quite wonderful.

Chinese tea seat

The chair ring is composed of a brain (the highest seat of central) to both sides of homeopathy, and arm into a single arc curve, cohesion seamless, polished smooth jade. The backrest plate is made of cherry wood box to save, the gorgeous; the chamber falls flat, sword ridge straight neat; save back the upper opening, Toudiao stria, strong sense of perspective. Back and seat chair circle, at the intersection of trim angle hollow teeth, save the back arc control is moderate, to hold the user's waist just perfect, comfortable and full expression of the user's respect. Straight line and circle chair chair legs above the curve with small radian outside the back backrest board, on both sides of the federal stick (upright central wood handrails) are curves and handrails with larger lines, the other smooth circulation; an early volume grass grain used branch carving method, a sense of clarity; if by plane, it is a complete picture of the roll grass pattern, antique line called "branches", this practice is very difficult, time-consuming, expensive.

The precise place technology processing, makes the wood natural color and sculpturesque artificial flowers Tiancheng, natural beauty and artificial beauty blending classic. The chair leg, arm curve, elastic flow and openwork carving a very like silhouette, its rich design effect of round curve rhythm to the main ring as the representative, and the seat between several small square off each other, no texture butt gap, one looked like a stream of water. Between the antique, like texture "streams" orderly guide mobile, looks more like a picture, material type artistic charm perfect unity, make tea Syria words beautiful scene.

And art space

Matched with the round table light clean edge charm full texture butt like Wang rippling water, dazzling color and texture; Grenadilla wood unique natural colors perfectly show the cambered dental plate curve design and a large area of circular contrast and harmonious appearance, especially the treatment of teeth plate molding with moire, both independent and connected with the tenon all blend into one harmonious whole, no traces of. "The six facade 1 rectangular shaped legs by trapezoidal support mud support, wide and long on the table one; the facade of the spar and precision is the proportion of collocation, harmonic line elastic beauty and the beauty of wood quality. This set of equipment makers give the smooth, smooth and clean and elegant quality, and the seat of the "triangle" complement each other, and show a delicate and concise.

Through the comparison between the set of objects circle, line and surface, created a bold and smooth linear natural beautiful shape. The quiet and calm, a Zen sustenance detached outward producers arising out of the imagination, quiet and deep feeling to people in the thick Mi Benedict, is another hidden beauty; this kind of beauty is mahogany furniture itself unique wooden beauty. "He Cengjie want to clean, empty cloud may not be empty, some of the smart plain, empty and some decoration, the character vividly producers peace of mind in the world; and collocation on wood, both appliances makers also rely on the designer's skill, understanding. In this regard, the line of the helm Zhang Hangbao has a high sensitivity and aesthetic perception, his insights have been integrated embodied in the works.

Zhang Wu and his Hangbao

Founded in 2003, Beijing OK Xing furniture Co. Ltd. in the industry is notorious, chairman Zhang Hangbao in 2013 and registered and Yuantong culture limited company; in November 2015, the first and Chinese ancient furniture and room of exhibition opened in Beijing Chaoyang District Gaobeidian Street No. 190 ancient furniture and art space. Compared to forge ahead for the mahogany furniture, art and artistic conception of space positioning in the cultural exchange and display platform for broader. "China art" "let objects speak for themselves" has become a foreign name card and art space and Exhibition concept.

Art and furniture

An enterprise, when the boss, when it has a certain influence on the society as. Why? Because of the small enterprises, will not be concerned; but when the enterprise is big, the boss is not only personal problems, but to the entire region and even national level. The furniture appeared twice in an important state in the heads of state, not only to show themselves, but in the endorsement of the mahogany industry, also made outstanding contributions to the Chinese traditional furniture is standing in the world.

I feel very lucky, engaged in the industry of culture and art so thick, if can through their own efforts to carry forward the traditional culture and the art of mahogany, let the whole world to love and share our culture and art, and the heritage for future generations, this is the era of the blessing, is also our responsibility practitioners". Zhang Hangbao with practical action to practice his words.

He said, career and one's behavior is closely related to the need to grasp the talent, fate and duty. Zhang Hangbao's explanation is: to clearly understand their own strengths, good play to their advantages, avoid detours, this is the "talent"; and "fate" on behalf of the opportunity, chance favors the unremitting efforts and ready man; "duty" is a personal accomplishment and should have the sense of responsibility this part, every play their role in the family and in the society is the way of man.

And to change the pattern of thinking, action! Change direction! Here the "line" and "Wu", reflects Zhang Hangbao's view of the world. "We want to learn to understand and not in a hurry, comprehend the true meaning of traditional culture is still hangwanlilu, read books, furniture for the people are always on the road!"

Zhang Hangbao said, is to do so!

Mon / Wen (pictures from Beijing OK Xing furniture Co. Ltd.)

(commissioning editor Zhang Guigui and Sun Hongli)