2018 town half marathon open wonderful run today

Yu Ting CAI

2018 04 30 April 12:27 source: 138479.xyz - Home Furnishing channel
Original title: staged these wonderful pictures in just 2018 and a half marathon town!!

7:30 in the morning

From the towns in Zhongshan area, Guangzhou City, Shenzhen city,

Jiangmen City, Foshan City, Zhuhai city,

Guangxi Province, Hunan province and other parts of the country

A total of 4600 runners in the town and the square

Open this year "town half horse" of the journey

Thousands of people roaring, the scene is quite shocking!

Now, Xiaobian feel

[2018 Guzhen Town half marathon open] wonderful moment

Do you run before the warm-up

The team come out of the limelight

The smiling young rabbit, successfully attracted the attention of small size

Accidentally took a few more

Don't run, is happy to blur you

Who am I? Where am i? What are they doing? You

starting time

The leading guest shots

The town Party Secretary Liu Jianhui, deputy director of the Zhongshan Municipal Education and Sports Bureau Li Liang, deputy secretary of the Town Committee, Su Yushan town deputy mayor of the town of Yang Rongchao, Zhongshan city athletics glory Media Co., Ltd. chairman Lu Yurong, group director and President Liang Jingyao to contest shots competition triggered at any moment.

7:30, on the run!

Run it, brother!

People from all the herd

In God's perspective

In an instant like turn to paint cans.

The track became bright and colorful.

According to reports, 2018 Guzhen Town half marathon open for half marathon (21.0975 km), four points for a marathon (10.5 km) and the joy of running (5 kilometers) a total of 3 groups, each group of successful applicants were 2500 people, 900 people and 1200 people.

The ancient town of Marathon success of the Chinese Athletics Association B event certification tournament size compared to the previous comparison also doubled .

The bursting of the brain hole runners

The joy of running still a lot of joy

Runners, "wacky" brain hole wide open

The legend of heaven into the earth, shook the universe of dinosaurs?

"I ran not step, is joy

The marathon is Gender regardless of age, the excitement of the crowd

The group do not know where on earth "species"

Xiaobian want to know the next year half horse town

You this group play fine want to play.

Even the "after passing the public to eat melon

For runners up to you

Brave to you still so handsome end point

Performance list

The credit belongs to to you!

Full range of staff

Half horse town's success is inseparable from the

360 degrees for running service staff

5 in the morning arrived at the scene to prepare volunteers come

To maintain the order of the police Milo so

Medical staff size

Waiting in front of the media friends to come

We supply point staff

The sanitation workers come silently

To find yourself running!

In 2018, Guzhen Town half marathon open

Thank you for all the sweat and pay

We meet in 2019!

Guzhen Town Center of new media video feeds

Text: Cai Yuting

Figure: Tan Zhuohua, Lin Zeming, Su Weiguang, Wang Yang, Cai Jiajian, Liang Shibang, Chen Qianxin

(commissioning editor Zhang Guigui and Sun Hongli)