The half marathon open in Guzhen Town in 2018 is a wonderful start today.

Cai Yu Ting

2018, 04, 30, 12:27: People's home - home channel
Original title: on the 2018 half of the old town marathon!

7:30 this morning.

From towns in Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen,

Jiangmen, Foshan, Zhuhai,

And Guangxi, Hunan and other provinces all over the country.

A total of 4600 runners were concentrated in Li He square, Guzhen Town.

Opening this year's journey to "old town and half horse"

Thousands of people roared past, and the scene was quite shocking.

Now, just follow Xiaobian to feel it.

Wonderful moments of the 2018 half town marathon open

Warm up before you start running.

Halley's fleet is in the limelight.

The youngest rabbit with smile has attracted the attention of Xiaobian.

More than a few shots were taken carelessly.

Before I started running, I was so happy.

Who am I? Where am i? What are they doing? A kind of

starting time

Leading guests to shoot

Liu Jianhui, Secretary of the town Town Committee, Li Liang, deputy director of the Zhongshan Municipal Education and Sports Bureau, Li Liang, deputy secretary of the town Town Committee, Yang Rongchao, deputy mayor of Guzhen Town, Lu Yurong, chairman of Zhongshan glory Sports Media Co., Ltd., Liang Jingyao, director of the group of Li and group, fired the gun for the contest.

7:30, run on time!

Run, brother!

People follow the crowd.

From the perspective of God

The moment of running is like turning into a paint pot.

The track became colorful.

According to the introduction, in 2018, the half marathon open race in Guzhen Town was divided into 3 groups: Half Marathon (21.0975 km), four points Marathon (10.5 km) and joy run (5 km). The successful enrollment of each group was 2500, 900 and 1200 respectively.

The half marathon of this ancient town has been successfully certified by the China Athletic Association's B class competition. The scale of the event has doubled compared with the previous one.

Runners with holes in the brain

Happy running is still a lot of fun.

Running friends are "weird".

The legendary dinosaur who is in heaven and earth, and the universe?

I am not a runner, but a joy.

Marathon is a carnival of people regardless of age and sex.

A group of "species" that do not know where to land.

Xiaobian only wants to know that next year the old town is half a horse.

What do you guys want to play?

Even the eating melon people who pass by.

They also cheer for runners.

Brave to the end, you are still handsome.

Achievement list

Glory belongs to you!

A full range of staff

The success of a half horse in an ancient town is inseparable from its success.

360 degree omni-directional staff for running friends

Volunteers arrive at 5 a.m. to prepare for the scene.

Policemen in order to maintain order

Medical rescue personnel

Media friends waiting for the front line

Staff at the supply point

Silent devotion to sanitation workers

To find yourself in running.

Guzhen Town half marathon open 2018

Thank you for all your sweat and dedication.

Let's see you in 2019!

New town film and Television Center Town Town

Text: Cai Yuting

Figure: Tan Zhuohua, Lin Zeming, Su Weiguang, Wang Yang, Cai Jiajian, Liang Shibang, Chen Qianxin

(Editor: Zhang Guigui, Sun Hongli)