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Guangdong Province issued lamps and lighting fittings products such as product quality special supervision and inspection results

Hong Shen


Guangdong is the large province, household appliances manufacturing and consumption, industrial cluster and industrial agglomeration prominent, small enterprises, product quality issues of social concern. Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision device from lamps and lighting products, satellite navigation equipment products, products with 3 kinds of humidifier livelihood, carry out quality supervision and inspection, according to the production status of regional products, randomly selected sample of enterprises, focusing on search and discovery, in order to provide product quality improvement. The day before the release of the special supervision and inspection results show that 3 types of products, substandard products found was respectively 18%, 21.7%, 10%, product quality problems to improve regulation.

Lamps and lighting fittings products: small business problems, large and medium-sized enterprises can not be ignored

After years of development, Guangdong Province, lamps and lighting fittings products in scale, occupy the leading position in the country, currently CCC certified electrical lighting production enterprises around 2142, the number of enterprises, high yield, wide market.

351 production enterprises in the sample of 450 batches of samples, 68 production of 81 batches of substandard products were found unqualified products found was 18%. The unqualified products, compared to the 2015 2016 discovery rate -- 18.6% and 12.9%, still need to pay attention to product quality problems.

From the enterprise production scale, the spot is large, medium and small enterprises were 22, 51, 278, found substandard product companies were 4, 3, 61, product quality problems of small enterprises outstanding, large and medium-sized enterprises, product quality can not be ignored.

Spot checks found that the highest failure rate of the project is "electromagnetic radiation harassment" and "external wiring and internal wiring, the main reason is the quality management system of enterprise technology development is not perfect, lack of capacity, is not correct for the standard understanding of quality and safety awareness is not high, unscrupulous companies cut corners, shoddy, resulting in uneven product quality.

Enterprise is the main body of the market, should fulfill the "quality" of the duties, to solve the problem of quality supervision and spot checks found that the product, to establish an effective quality control system, strengthen the whole process from raw materials procurement to the quality control of production and sales, to promote the quality traceability system and measurement management system construction. The government supervision departments should increase product quality supervision and inspection efforts to strengthen the coverage, standard requirements, quality control methods of publicizing efforts, to help enterprises to establish effective quality management system, improve the quality of products, and guide the healthy development of the industry.

Satellite navigation equipment: unqualified products found high rate, the need to strengthen the quality control

Guangdong Province, the navigator production enterprises and the market share accounted for about 80%; satellite positioning vehicle traveling data recorder (car terminal) share in the national market is more than 60%, the production and use of large province.

The total sample of 60 companies produced 60 batches of navigation and vehicle traveling data recorder, after inspection, found 13 batches of substandard products. The navigator checks unqualified project vibration (vertical direction) and radiated disturbance (300MHz-1GHz), conduction harassment; vehicle traveling data recorder unqualified items were suitable supply voltage resistance, automobile electric ignition interference and display function.

From the national sample in recent 3 years, the quality of the products is not stable, the lowest spot checks substandard products found was 16.2%, the highest unqualified product discovery rate of 55.9%. In 2014 2016, Guangdong, supervision and inspection of substandard products found rates were 26.8% and 21.3%, compared with the sample of the unqualified products found rate (21.7%), the product quality problems still highlights.

The reason for the car navigation market today facing the homogeneity of products, service the same situation, the fierce competition in the industry. In this environment, some companies have to cut prices to occupy more market share, reduce the cost of product components makes the blind or poor production process, quality control is not strict, resulting in product performance is not up to the requirements, the product quality is not stable.

Supervision departments should attach great importance to the supervision inspection found unqualified enterprises as a key regulatory target, strengthen the daily supervision and inspection, increased sampling efforts, and urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility, to carry out healthy competition, strong quality, build brands, improve market share.

Humidifier: quality improved year by year. The Foshan and Zhongshan still need strong supervision with the consumer environment and health awareness, many families have become an indispensable humidifier appliance. Guangdong province is a humidifier product manufacturing province, the Pearl River Delta region in Foshan, Zhongshan as the representative of the main industry base, production accounts for about 70% of the output of the humidifier.

Guangdong province humidifier product brands, not only the United States and other star enterprise, there are many small humidifier product production enterprises, the enterprises have the production and sale of 1-2 products, some have to price war to win market share.

The 24 production of 30 batches of product sampling found that 3 enterprises produced 3 batches of substandard products, substandard products found was 10%. Compared to 2015, 2016 36.8%, 26.9% substandard products found substandard products found rate, humidifier rate decreased year by year. That the supervision of targeted, has improved the level of product quality.

Sampling from the regional perspective, Foshan, Zhongshan as a gathering place of humidifier production enterprises, a large number of checks enterprises, accounting for 97%. Found unqualified enterprises from the two places, the need to focus on strengthening regional quality supervision, strengthen the construction of regional brand.

The cause of the unqualified product is the main enterprises are not familiar with the standards, especially safety standards and supporting standards; quality and safety awareness is low, the product design from attractive product appearance, while ignoring the possible safety risk.

Aiming at the problems found in the inspection, the supervision department may conduct the related laws and regulations, technical specifications to advertise related production enterprises, product quality analysis will be held, help failed to find the problem, product analysis, formulate and supervise the implementation of corrective measures, and promote the healthy development of Guangdong humidifier industry, to achieve industrial concentration, strong brand the high concentration of the target.

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(commissioning editor Zhang Guigui and Sun Hongli)