By Home Furnishing brand strength ten fake copycat one orders please first recognize the qualification

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Original title: Home Furnishing brand strong fake copycat was a ten orders please first recognize the qualification

With "buy buy buy" the desire of the double eleven Shopping Festival is coming, or are you ready to decorate is not filled with toilets, floors, tiles, cabinets, sofa, table and so on Home Furnishing goods in the shopping cart? Need to be reminded that, although the major brands in recent years has been committed to the business activities of "fake", greatly curb the "copycat" Home Furnishing business spread, but the reporter can still search to some businesses play Li Gui "rub flow" to facilitate transactions in the relevant business platform. Therefore, consumers should be careful to "move" in the purchase of Home Furnishing activities, especially not because it is cheaper to lose.

The line of "Shanzhai" attention problems

In the "copycat" supplier in the Home Furnishing industry can be said to be "heavy disaster area". In March last year, Marco Polo tile chairman Huang Jianping once said: "in Ma Yun propaganda, Taobao has more than 300 name" Marco Polo tile "Marco Polo bathroom" under the banner of the shop, only two authorized, the other is the "plum ghost"."

The online Marco Polo is how the copycat? Reporter recently on Taobao, enter the keyword "Marco Polo tile" search shop, see the search results is the first Marco Polo tile official flagship store, and another 24 name contains "other shops Marco Polo tiles". In addition to the "Marco Polo bathroom" as the keyword search, 50 relevant shop. Reporters and Marco Polo tile official flagship store customer service contact to understand, Taobao now only their licensed stores, others are not authorized.

Such as "rub traffic" and "free rider" behavior, with Optima bathroom. Optima public relations department said: "in the early stage, the electricity supplier copycat emerge, if not to hurt the brand, to some extent, but increased with the brand to enhance brand awareness. But in the later period, with the increase in sales, it will affect the brand reputation and customer service issues, through judicial procedure and resolutely crack down." According to reports, Optima Home Furnishing group set up a special "fake office", "Optima", the fake imitation fake products and market rights, including the Optima bathroom. Through the judicial process against counterfeit, imitation "Optima" products, currently on the "Optima" trademark infringement, remove invalid unit has many.

The copycat electricity supplier problems, LuxeHome delivery brand PR manager told reporters: "this problem in the control of Luxuries delivery, so little impact on us. We attach great importance to the protection of the brand, LuxeHome delivery team with professional long-term cooperation, real-time monitoring, once found a copycat brand will take action, ordered copycat businesses to leave, so as to avoid misleading consumers."

"We have not received customer complaints about the copycat products, it is difficult to imitate high content, has some correlation with the technology of intelligent Home Furnishing product requirements." Public Relations Department of Ou Ruibo said: "Ou Ruibo has always attached great importance to the protection of the brand business platform, business departments will regularly check the whole network, if there are shops selling oruobo counterfeit products, will immediately record and tracking platform to appeal." For the non official channels to buy genuine Ou Ruibo, whether it will affect the customer service service, the public relations department said: "oruobo distribution screening system and customer service service process, as long as consumers buy is genuine, it will not affect the customer service service."

"Li Gui" in promoting the transaction

Although great achievements have been made in the fight against copycat electricity supplier, but the reporter found in the electronic business platform, there are still some businesses to "name + space" name + total generation "and other forms of existence, in an attempt to confuse the public. When a reporter asked whether it is genuine brands, a number of customer service are guarantee authentic, but when a reporter asked how to further prove, no brand authorization, most of the shops will not respond, or no more in the office, a shop directly replied: "do not need to prove that we are genuine." The reporter then asked to purchase products can enjoy official customer service, customer service has said: "don't go to the official customer service, have come to us directly for repair."

Reporter investigating the situation, some shops have volume reached hundreds of copycat Home Furnishing. Sanitary products as an example, more than 100 stores under the guise of TOTO and Jomoo in the name of the bathroom bathroom, good sales monthly sales in 200 ~ 300 interval. In addition, the whole house custom category, the name of Optima, LuxeHome delivery, Sophia, Holike and other major brands under the banner of the businesses, monthly sales on the products close to 100.

Suggestion: choose the regular official channels to buy

Ou Ruibo, the public relations department in an interview with reporters, said: "the young consumer groups, business platform for the" real truth "and" false plum ghost 'have higher sense in their choice of high-tech or high-profile brand, most would choose formal official channels to buy."

In fact, not only is the young consumers, Taobao bought 80% home decoration materials and furniture of the 70 after Mr. Wang, have some experience of online shopping products don't Home Furnishing. He told reporters: "I want to do your homework before the renovation, to understand the different products chosen brand love. On the selection of shops, daughter told me to watch the official flagship store and shop authorized qualification, so I saw the shop, pick directly in the shop, so afraid to buy fake."

Mr. Wang also told reporters that he had a friend found the same product cheaper, so in the non official flagship store which is a brand of tiles, now with less than a year, there are many cracks, if re tiling costly not to say, to daily life in trouble.


The official authorized stores such judgment

1. see qualification

The official authorized stores are usually divided into brand outlets and authorized agent, can enter the store to see the details of the business license, if the brand Zhiyingdian see brand name in the name of the enterprise can, if the authorized agent store, can be copied into the web proxy enterprise name, search authorization.

Ask the customer service 2.

Usually many brands more than one authorized shop, an official store can be determined by the first method, ask the store customer service, other shops are the official store. Or call the service hotline official brand.

3. enter the official website

Part of the brand's official website will have business links to stores, you can directly click on the link to the official website.

(commissioning editor Wu Zhenguo and Sun Hongli)

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