Being fake, big brand, strong fake, double ten, please recognize your qualifications before ordering.

Irain Wang

09 November 2018, 08:10 source: Information times
Original title: being a fake home big brand, strong fake fake double 10 before you order, please first recognize the qualification.

The double eleven Shopping Festival, which is full of the desire to buy and buy, is coming. Are you ready or are decorating? Are you full of toilets, floors, tiles, cabinets, sofas, tables and so on? What needs to be reminded is that although the major brands have been committed to the "anti fake" activities of electric providers in recent years, they have greatly curbed the spread of the "cottage" household electric business. However, the reporter can still search some businesses in the relevant e-commerce platform to play Li Gui's "traffic flow" to facilitate the transaction. Therefore, consumers should be cautious when choosing home furnishings, especially not because they are cheap.

Online "Shanzhai" issue is being emphasized

In the "Shanzhai" electricity supplier, the home industry can be said to be "the hardest hit area". In March last year, Huang Jianping, chairman of Marco Polo ceramic tile, once shouted at Ma Yun, saying: "there are more than 300 shops on Taobao which are under the banner of" Marco Polo tile "," Marco Polo bathroom "and so on. Only two have been authorized, others are" Li Gui ".

What is the current situation of Marco Polo being Shanzhai on the Internet? Reporters recently landed Taobao, enter the key words "Marco Polo tile" search shop, see the first search results are Marco Polo tile official flagship store, and another 24 shop names contain "Marco Polo tiles" other shops. In addition, the "Marco Polo bathroom" as the key word search, there are 50 related shops. Reporters and Marco Polo ceramic tile official flagship store customer service contact learned that on Taobao only now they only authorized the store, others have not been authorized.

For example, this "traffic flow" and "free riding" behavior, Optima bathroom feel empathy. Optima bathroom public relations department said: "in the early stage, the emergence of Shanzhai electric business, if not harm the brand, to a certain extent, it will increase the brand exposure and enhance brand awareness. But in the middle and later stage, with the increase of sales volume, it will affect brand reputation and after-sale problems, and must be resolutely cracked through judicial procedures. According to the briefing, Optima home group has set up a special anti counterfeiting office for counterfeiting and imitation Optima products for counterfeiting and market protection, including Optima bathroom. Through judicial proceedings against counterfeiting and imitation of "Optima" products, the current "Optima" infringement unit and invalid trademark have been removed.

In view of the problem of Shanzhai electric business, the manager of the Department of public relations and brand relations, told reporters: "this problem is still under the control of goods and houses, so it has little impact on us. We attach great importance to the protection of brands. We still have long-term cooperation and real-time monitoring with the professional teams. We will take actions to detect Shanzhai brands, and order Shanzhai businesses to quit, so as to avoid misunderstanding of consumers.

"We have not received complaints from customers about cottage products for the time being, which is related to the higher technical requirements of the smart home products and the difficulty in copying them." Ou Ruibo's public relations department revealed: "Ou Ruibo has always attached great importance to the brand protection of the electronic business platform, and the electric business department will check the whole network regularly. If a shop is found to sell its products, it will immediately record and track the platform and appeal to the platform." Whether the purchase of Ou Ruibo genuine products in non official channels will affect after-sales service, its public relations department said: "there are distribution screening systems and after-sales service processes in Ou Rui Bo. As long as consumers purchase genuine products, they will not affect after-sales service."

"Li Gui" fish in troubled waters to promote transaction

Although it has made great achievements in cracking down on Shanzhai electric business, the reporters found on the electronic business platform that some businesses still exist in the form of "shop name + space", "shop name + total generation" and so on, trying to confuse the public. When the reporter asked whether it was a genuine brand, many customer service were guaranteed to be genuine, but when the reporter further asked how to prove and had the brand authorization, most shops did not respond, or did not reply to the office, and a shop replied directly: "no need to prove that we are genuine products." The reporter then asked whether he could enjoy the official after-sale after purchasing the product, but customer service said, "no need to go to the official sale, there is a problem coming directly to us to arrange maintenance."

As far as journalists are concerned, there are hundreds of shops in Shanzhai stores. Take sanitary products as an example, in the more than 100 shops under the name of TOTO bathroom and Jomoo bathroom, the monthly sales volume of good sales is 200~300. In addition, in the whole house custom category, under the banner of Optima, Shang pin home, Sophia, Holike and other major brands, the monthly sales volume of the former products is close to 100 pieces.

Recommendation: choose formal official channels to buy

Ou Ruibo's public relations department said in an interview with reporters: "the younger consumer groups have a higher sense of judgement for the" real Li Kui "and" fake Li Gui "on the electronic business platform. When they choose high-tech or high-profile brands, most of them will choose formal official channels to buy them.

In fact, it is not only young consumers who bought 70 of the 80% decoration materials and furniture on Taobao. Mr. Wang also had some experience in online shopping products. He told reporters: "before decoration, we need to do enough homework to know the brand that different products choose. As for the selection of shops, my daughter told me to pay attention to the qualifications of the official flagship stores and shops, so when I saw the shops, I chose them directly in the shops, so I was not afraid to buy fake products.

Mr. Wang also told reporters that a friend of mine found that the same product was cheaper, so he bought a brand name tile in an official flagship store. Now it has cracked many times in less than a year. If the tile is re laid, it will cost time and money, but it will also bring trouble to daily life.


Official authorized shop so judged

1. look at qualifications

Official authorized shops are usually divided into brand Direct stores and authorized agencies. They can enter shop details to view business licenses. If a brand store can see the brand name in the name of the enterprise, if the authorized agency can copy the name of the agent enterprise, enter the website to search for authorization.

2. ask customer service.

In general, many brands have more than one official authorized shop. They can confirm the official store by the first method, ask the customer service of the store, and whether other shops are official shops. Or call the brand official service telephone enquiry.

3. enter the official website

The official website of some brands will have links to e-commerce outlets, which can be directly clicked into the official website link.

(Editor: Wu Zhenguo, Sun Hongli)

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