Suning's Expo is expected to purchase 15 billion euros.

Liu Li

09 November 2018, 08:11 source: Information times
Original title: Suning "Expo" is expected to purchase 15 billion euros.

Ali, Jingdong, Suning and other domestic high-quality e-commerce platform has been an important partner for foreign brands to enter the Chinese market. With the convening of the first China International Import Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Expo"), the positive layout will undoubtedly usher in more opportunities for development.

Suning announced recently that Suning's orders for overseas purchases are expected to reach 15 billion euros (120 billion yuan). Previously, Jingdong has also predicted that the "fair" will directly sign and purchase nearly 100 billion imported brand goods.

Sun Weimin, vice president of Suning holding group and vice chairman of group, said Suning will conduct large-scale procurement in the global scope (mainly in Europe, Japan, Australia and North America), and import more than 1000 imported products and services that have not been sold in the domestic market through the fair. The scope of purchase will cover imported commodities such as food, daily chemicals and electronics.

Suning not only invited 14 foreign customers to participate in the exhibition as a host company for transnational exhibitors, procurement enterprises and supporting activities, but also the two brands of the two countries, including inter and Tesco, also appeared in the exhibition hall.

According to public information, Suning launched the "global buyer" strategy in 2014, and also set up a team of top managers to buy high-quality goods in 147 countries and regions and more than 100 overseas bases.

In 2015, Su Ninghai outsourcing completed the supply chain coverage of the United States, Japan and South Korea, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other countries and regions, and specially opened the Japanese pavilion, the Korean Pavilion, the European Pavilion, the Australian Pavilion, the Taiwan Pavilion and the Hongkong Pavilion on

Wang Qing, deputy director of the Institute of market economy of the State Council Development Research Center, seems that when China provides new value-added space for the upgrading of the world industrial chain and value chain, the world can benefit from participating in meeting the needs of the Chinese market.

Speaking at the 2018 Suning global procurement and Supply Summit, he said that the expansion of the import market will bring new growth points and dividends to the global economy and trade development when China has transformed from a world manufacturing power into a world consumer power. "China is now undergoing a new round of consumer spending changes, and China's consumption is experiencing changes from scratch to good." Information Times reporter Liu Li

(Editor: Wu Zhenguo, Sun Hongli)

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