Benefit from the upgrading of product structure or new business growth in the first three quarter color TV giants significantly enhance the performance


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Original title: benefit from the upgrading of product structure or new business growth

Led by the world cup this year, TV business performance improvement. According to the recently released one after another 2018 listed companies of the three quarter, TCL, SKYWORTH, Changhong, Konka TV giant, before this year three quarter revenue and net profit showed a growth momentum, especially the level of profitability year have achieved more than 30% growth.

But from the color TV industry as a whole, the third quarter of this year sales fell 15%, a record low, which indicates that the TV industry is still facing great challenges of performance throughout the year. Insiders said that the eleven double opportunities and panel prices is expected to continue to decline, the fourth quarter will be good.

The collective net profit increase

SKYWORTH released 2018 three quarter results, reporting period operating income of about 5 billion 473 million yuan, an increase of 6.45%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 230 million yuan, an increase of 370.55%.

TCL group of three quarterly reports also show that the group achieved operating income of 82 billion 240 million yuan, an increase of 0.03%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 2 billion 490 million yuan, an increase of 30.6%. The main TV business of the listed company "TCL" performance is also very eye-catching, the third quarter sales growth, TV sales volume more than 2112 million units, an increase of 31.1%, the successful completion of the original annual target of 2560 million 82.5%; third quarter sales of 795 million units, the highest single season record.

Analysts believe that revenue rose slightly, the net profit increased significantly, indicating that the company's products upgrading effect. It is understood that, as the first echelon of the TV industry, SKYWORTH and TCL this year are pushing high-end products, seeking higher premium products. The main focus of the force of high-end SKYWORTH TV OLED OLED TV, began to invest it in early 2008, now 10 years later, SKYWORTH also began picking the fruit, has occupied the domestic sales of OLED TV market 46%.

TCL said that profit growth was mainly from the intelligent terminal business steady growth in earnings, including smart TV and 4K TV sales soared, sales were 15 million 210 thousand units, 6 million 110 thousand units, an increase of 49.1%, 63.6%. According to Yi Kang full channel data show that the first three quarters of TCL TV brand price index by 101 over the same period last year increased to 112, ranking third in the same period last year to second by lifting.

Changhong and Konka industry as the two echelon, also produce a beautiful performance: Sichuan Changhong three quarter revenue 57 billion 839 million, an increase of 5.48%; net profit attributable to the listed company 205 million, an increase of 43.92%; Shenzhen Konka A before the three quarter revenue 29 billion 760 million yuan, an increase of 47.6%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 4 billion 298 million yuan, an increase of 233.6%.

For the growth performance, has been implemented for several years and intellectual transformation said Changhong has begun to show the effectiveness of the transformation, and the cost control has been effectively controlled, declining; Konka revenue growth, mainly from the environmental protection, new materials, chips and other emerging business growth, Konka A also said the company sold part of the shares of the company to achieve the benefits of subordinates have a greater impact on net profit.

Eleven double or break the market trend of stagflation

Although the first three seasons of the TV giant performance (especially net) collective growth, but in the industry veteran observers Liu Buchen opinion, this is mainly because of the same period in 2017 the performance of the low base, including SKYWORTH and Changhong 2017 three quarter net profit fell 85.9% year-on-year is and 68% respectively.

It is also worth noting that, from the industry perspective, the third quarter of last year, the panel prices high, the TV market suffered the worst in the history of the three quarter, retail sales fell 12.9%. But in the third quarter of this year, the panel price downward background, color TV market has hit a new low in history. According to the latest data released by the cloudnet Ovid, 2018 color TV market sales in the third quarter of last year and the basic fairness, but the scale of sales dropped sharply, to 30 billion 300 million yuan, down 15.2%. This means that the industry value chain in a very low level.

The National Day promotions, unfavorable decline, pulling power line - by looking after a comprehensive TV market in the three quarter lead to stagflation. Orville yunwang (AVC) black division director of Jie Meijuan told reporters that the four quarter, the biggest thing is double eleven, in May, eleven of these traditional promotional nodes pulling power weakened gradually under the background of the industry, more focused on the 11 gear double betting. She is expected to double the 11 week TV full channel retail scale will reach 4 million 60 thousand taiwan. Overall, the first half of 2018 will maintain the recovery growth trend, the annual TV market will reach 48 million 630 thousand units, an increase of 2.3%, retail sales fell 8.7% to 148 billion 900 million yuan.

Juan Jie also said that in 2018 the global panel production capacity will continue to increase, the supply and demand of more than 5%. The supply and demand of the whole panel loose, panel prices are expected to continue to fall, color TV enterprises cost pressures will ease again. As the demand side and the supply side of the good, the market expectations of the size of the TV companies show optimism.

(commissioning editor Wu Zhenguo and Sun Hongli)

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