The new retail Home Furnishing: flow into test

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In December 2018 06, 08:17 source: Beijing Business Today
Original title: new retail Home Furnishing: flow into test

The box horse Xiansheng settled, brought great traffic to easyhome.

The past 2018 is Home Furnishing channel transformation, jbmm, QuMei Home Furnishing Home Furnishing to join the new retail enterprises such as the track, through the introduction of a variety of life forms, application of black technology by means of digital transformation of stores, and traffic. By the end of 2018, the Beijing Daily reporter through a series of investigations found that the introduction of multi format, black technology in blessing, bring traffic to Home Furnishing stores will also flow into question to the Home Furnishing store front, how to make the flow into the Home Furnishing customers, in 2019 to become the new retail stores for the Home Furnishing test face.

By living Yetai drainage

The introduction of life form, add a lot of popularity for Home Furnishing stores.

"Welcome box horse Xiansheng." In December 1, 2018, the Beijing Daily reporter in EASYHOME experience Mall B2 layer box horse Xiansheng member store, found the shop shopping with some people in a continuous line, while some children taste side, walk around the Home Furnishing way to buy some fresh ingredients home cooking, close to the "double 12" shop is pushing the "single over 100 12 yuan to send double box life card, a month contract super rights" activities, attracted a lot of attention of consumers.

Box horse Xiansheng is Alibaba's on line supermarket reconstruction of new retail formats, February 2018 is actually home with the Alibaba after the first marriage of new retail store landing project, the first store Lazi Shunyi actually home stores, after have settled home Jin Yuan stores, North five shops and other stores, has become a major weapon home drainage.

In addition to the box horse Xiansheng EASYHOME, will also be dining, theater, sports, entertainment, children's Museum, living design center, calligraphy and other formats into the store, at the end of April 2018 to complete the upgrade of the EASYHOME experience Mall, is not the traditional sense of the Home Furnishing stores, more like a commercial complex.

At home working with Alibaba to explore new retail Home Furnishing and Sibutramine Home Furnishing teamed up with Jingdong to form joint shop to create Home Furnishing retail industry to explore unbounded sample. 9 month 2018 years 27 days, a modern dark glass box located in the West it is QuMei Laiguangying, and Jingdong jointly build Sibutramine Jingdong, in addition to QuMei furniture, the store also introduced the network bookstore, as a workshop and rosewood art shop, coffee shop and CUP ONE, fashion boutique florists' flowers such as my life "format, its Jingdong will more than 150 cooperation brands, 1.5 more than a SKU, more than 30 thousand kinds of goods on the floor. Found at the beginning of December when Beijing Daily reporter visited a high popularity, many people stay at noon in the shop, looking for some inspiration in life a variety of trendy living goods, some meals in the dining area, some reading on the sofa, some in the chat with friends.

In order to increase the experience of black Technology

In addition to the introduction of a variety of life forms, application of science and technology to create a variety of black intelligent scene experience for consumers, also a lot of traffic for the siege Home Furnishing stores.

In October 2018, Jin Yuan is the first heavy curtain shop stores actually Jiachi wisdom huge transformation, the entrance to a shuzhuo "wisdom guide" and "wisdom recommended" two black & big screen, through the smart shopping guide "big screen, consumers can according to style and life style to classify experience, quickly understand the target location through the brand;" wisdom ", consumers can get their own style of product information.

To solve the "blind consumer shopping" trouble "smart shopping guide" and "wisdom recommended" big screen just NiuDao, "decoration room" is the real black technology, it not only can see the style of decoration design, but also a key to transfer their own apartment layout, just 30 seconds can produce the design scheme, design, the price information at a glance, reducing the consumers in the decoration design of the waiting time. The afternoon of December 1st, the Beijing Daily reporter in the design of the new Tmall smart space took half an hour to see the 6 consumer experience "decoration room".

A similar black technology also appeared in the Sibutramine Jingdong, Jingdong eye face through analysis and data processing technology, characteristics, attention grabbing consumers of data, analysis of consumer preferences to help stores types of commodities; "face recommended advertising machine" by Jingdong big data algorithms, automatic recognition of consumers interested in the system, through the show pictures and videos, increase consumer intuitive feelings and experiences, stimulate the desire to buy; "micro intellectual panorama AI service terminal set face payment, voice interaction, personalized marketing as a whole, in the consumer after the completion of the settlement, was evaluated by simple face recognition to the shopping experience, and has a membership function of face and can realize the automatic integration, coupons sweepstakes and other membership rights...... Add black technology, make it fun and convenient shopping, attracted many young consumers love adventures and early adopters.

Save traffic into pain points

The introduction of multi format and black & blessing, Home Furnishing stores have significantly increased traffic, but how will flow into Home Furnishing customers still need to explore.

Beijing Daily reporter found in the survey, the effect of drainage of different types are not the same, fresh, catering, entertainment, children's theater drainage effect is quite obvious, and physical fitness, old-age living house, but not too busy, the key is that the new passenger flow mainly is the live format of the passenger flow, while entering the store, but to turn them into a Home Furnishing consumers there is a certain degree of difficulty.

Sometimes not to Home Furnishing stores to attract target customers, to experience the next line for IKEA is facing this problem. IKEA sells cheap coffee and food, but are often attracted to seek Rest Area in the elderly, but not the main consumer Home Furnishing "80", "90", because with the upgrading of consumption of young consumer groups to price sensitivity decreased gradually, but the aesthetic and quality requirements more and more high.

Whether it is a new retail, retail and retail are unbounded wisdom, within the new retail category, just because the supermarkets are still at the exploratory stage of new retail, so the positioning of the new retail are different." China Academy of Social Sciences Research Center of information technology secretary general, "Internet Weekly" editor Jiang Qiping believes that the future winner is hard to say, perhaps, to see who can break the traffic conversion problem

(commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Kong Haili)

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