New retail at home: traffic turns to test

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06 December 2018, 08:17 source: Beijing Business Today
Original title: home new retail: flow into test

The birth of the box horse has brought great traffic to the house.

The upcoming 2018 is the year of transformation of home channel, and home enterprises such as home and Qu Mei are competing to join the new retail track. By introducing various forms of life and applying black technology, the store can be digitally transformed to encircle and suppress traffic. By the end of 2018, the Beijing Commercial Daily reporter, through a series of visits, found that the introduction of multiple formats and black technology support brought the traffic flow to the home store while bringing the traffic to the home store, and how to turn the traffic into a home customer, which became a big test for the new retail store in 2019.

Draw on the flow of life

The introduction of living formats adds a lot of popularity to home stores.

"Welcome to the box horse." In December 1, 2018, the Beijing Commercial Daily reporter entered the box and horse fresh family member's shop experiencing the Mall B2 layer at the incredibly home. It found that people in the shop were in an endless stream, some took the children to taste and choose, some went home to buy some fresh ingredients to go home to cook, and near the "double 12" store was pushing the "single full 100 yuan to send 12 boxes of district life cards, and to contract a month's super equity" activities, attracting many consumers' attention.

Box horse fresh life is a new retail format that Alibaba rebuilt completely under the offline supermarket. It is also a new retail project of the first landing store after the marriage between the family and Alibaba in February 2018. The first shop in Shunyi was actually home in the shop. After that, it went to the Jin Yuan shop and the North five ring store.

In addition to the box and horse fresh life, the house actually introduced restaurants, cinemas, sports fitness, children's entertainment, pension homes, design centers, calligraphy and painting and other formats to the store. At the end of April 2018, it completed the upgrading experience of Mall, which is no longer a traditional home store, but more like a commercial complex.

In collaboration with Alibaba to explore new retail outlets at home, the United States managed to create a sample of unbounded retail in the form of a joint store. In September 27, 2018, a modern dark glass box was set up in Lai Guang Ying West Road. It was the home of Qu Mei's Jingdong jointly built by Qu Mei and Jingdong. Besides the furniture of Qu Mei, it also introduced bookstores, Redwood for workshops and art shops, and the lifestyle of boutique coffee shop CUP ONE and flower shop "flower like dimples". Jingdong landed its more than 150 cooperative brands, over 1.5 SKU and over 30 thousand products. In the early December, when the Beijing Commercial Daily reporter visited, it was found that there was a high level of popularity. At noon, many people stayed in the shop. Some were looking for life inspiration in all kinds of trendy products, some in the dining area, some on the sofa, and some chatting with their friends.

Increase experience with black Technology

In addition to the introduction of various forms of life, black technology is used to create various intelligent scene experience for consumers, and also to encircle and suppress many traffic for home stores.

The Jin Yuan store, which reopened in October 2018, was the first intelligent store to reclaim huge sums of money. At the entrance, there were two black science and technology screens at the entrance, which were "smart shopping guide" and "intelligent recommendation". Through the "smart shopping guide" big screen, consumers can categorize experience according to style and lifestyle, quickly understand the location of the target brand; through "smart recommendation", consumers can get product information suitable for their style.

The "smart shopping guide" and "intelligent recommendation" big screen to solve the problem of consumers' "blind visit" are just a small test. The "fitting fitting room" is the real black technology. It can not only view the style design of home decoration, but also "one key migration" of its own apartment, and only 30 seconds will be able to generate design plan. The style, price and other information can be seen at a glance, reducing the waiting time of consumers in home decoration design. On the afternoon of December 1st, the Beijing Commercial Daily reporter sat in the new Tmall smart space for half an hour and saw 6 consumers experience the "fitting fitting room".

Similar black technology also appeared in the home of the Jingdong, "Jingdong eyes" through the face analysis and big data processing technology, to capture the characteristics of consumers, the degree of attention and other data to help stores analyze the types of consumer preferences, the "face recommendation advertising machine" uses the Jingdong big data algorithm, the system automatically identifies consumers interested in goods, and then through the display of merchandise pictures and videos, increase consumer intuition and experience, stimulate the desire to buy; "micro intelligent panoramic AI service terminal" set face payment, voice interaction, personalized marketing as a whole, after the completion of consumer settlement, through simple facial recognition, you can evaluate the shopping experience, and have the function of face membership, which can realize the membership benefits of automatic integration, coupons and raffle. The increase of black technology has made the shopping process interesting and convenient, attracting many young consumers who like novelty and taste.

Traffic transformation and storage of pain points

With the introduction of many formats and black technology, the flow of home stores has increased significantly, but how to turn traffic into home customers still needs to be explored.

Beijing Business Daily reporter found that the drainage effect of different formats is not the same, fresh, catering, theater, children's entertainment drainage effect is quite obvious, and sports fitness, pension living hall and other areas are not too busy, the most critical is that the new passenger flow is mainly the living mode of passenger flow, although entering the store, but to convert them into home consumers still have some difficulty.

Sometimes the home stores are not attracted to the target customers, and IKEA, which is famous for its offline experience, is facing this problem. IKEA sells cheap coffee and food, but often attracts the middle-aged and elderly people who are looking for the rest area instead of the "80 generation" and "post-90s" household consumption. Because with the deepening of consumption escalation, the sensitivity of young consumer groups to price gradually decreases, but the demand for aesthetics and quality is higher and higher.

"Whether it's new retail, unbounded retail or smart retailing, all belong to the new retail category, because the stores are still in the exploratory stage of new retail, so the location of new retail is different." Jiang Qiping, editor in chief of the information research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and editor in chief of the Internet Weekly, said that it is hard to say who will kill the dead in the future.

(Editor: Sun Hongli, Kong Haili)

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