Return to the traditional "court" Home Furnishing hold fashion products 10493


In December 2018 06, 08:17 source: Beijing Youth Daily
Original title: return to the traditional "court" Home Furnishing hold fashion products 10493

For Chinese furniture home Tim several colorful voiceless hold pillowcase, parents must love. The the Imperial Palace Hall of Supreme Harmony caisson structure and court painter Yu Zhi "and" element is modeled for the Imperial Palace art creative re assembled to hold and revitalizing voiceless pillowcase, draw China fine brushwork yunya exquisite beauty, fresh and elegant, elegant taste in fashion design of the royal house.

In 2019 as the the Imperial Palace special purchases for the Spring Festival list, with "Hail best suit" list. "Fu, Lu, Shou" three elements, to create a new year reunion, happy, welcome Qile atmosphere, couplets, character, goalkeeper, spring bar, a red envelope, all together. The Qing Dynasty gilt red bat three lines pastel green bottle gourd, Emperor Qian Long running festival atmosphere, five, filled with good luck.

The Imperial Palace Museum in talking about the "Forbidden City Life Aesthetics" this thing, have the right to speak. The moon carry tea, is the present the Imperial Palace museum is now in the possession of the Trinidad jiangshantu "modernization. Take a picture of the Song Dynasty map printed on a pot of two cups of green mountains and rivers of the bag, the elegant art is no longer superior, the history of painting that came into our daily life.

A collection of the Imperial Palace imperial seal and Buddhism in symbolic language with double different decorative lily, the petals folded, with "Bingdi", the "one world" incense both classical and modern. The center can be placed in any hole holders, incense, dense texture, like the ubiquitous glory and devotion.

If the traditional bedside lamp look too dull? A Kangxi period of "sea fault map" Book lamp? The paper books as the carrier of culture, the "sea map" wrong recorded in a Book of the ancients of marine life picture form and lustrous and dazzling, and it will make the book light, can be 360 degrees arbitrary shape, but also to restore every simple texture lit romantic night.

To say the recent "palace style", that is not generally hot. The first is not long ago a few topics full court drama broadcast, the production of sophisticated clothing, expensive props, attracted the attention of many viewers. After the TV show "new the Imperial Palace" magically opened the wall to let the young state of strong defense preparations, the era of fresh awaken the history and culture, the cultural treasures to make exquisite beyond compare into view.

Indeed, the drama that subtle or simple cup dish bowl, the color is not bright decorative cloth, it is elegant and pleasant love. Show those the Imperial Palace Museum joint top designer to create a cross cultural and creative derivatives, one by one is damp and heritage. You may ask, can get to the same paragraph where?

According to the "Beijing Youth Daily, metal era" understanding, although some of the new "the Imperial Palace", the product is still a congregation raised stage, but many have far exceeded the target from the new, soon, soon after you can buy in the Taobao store. In addition, we are still the the Imperial Palace Museum Chong flagship store and Chinese flagship store in National Museum, Amoy some good stuff. From Home Furnishing furnishings to study an, from clothing and accessories to the precious gift, one has to follow the history of. Whether it is occupied at home, or holiday gifts, are a good choice. Don't worry, it will share with you. Okay to go around, like opening a dialogue with the ancient civilization of the quest.

(commissioning editor Xu Weina and Kong Haili)

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