Return to tradition and embrace fashionable "court" home products.

Fang Bo

06 December 2018, 08:17 source: Beijing Youth Daily
Original title: return to tradition and grasp the fashion of "court" home products.

For the Chinese furniture of the family, add a few bright colors, pillowcases, parents must be very fond of it. Based on the caisson structure of Taihe hall in the Imperial Palace and the flower and bird pictures of Yu Pai, a painter of the palace painter, a new combination of the Imperial Palace's artistic desire, Hwan Choi's pillowcase has been created, which has drawn the beauty of elegance and elegance of Chinese traditional fine brushwork, and is elegant in its freshness.

In the list of annual goods in 2019, it is better to list the Imperial Palace's "Wanfu and Ruyi suit". The three elements of "Fu, Lu, Shou" create a new year's reunion, joyful and happy atmosphere. Spring Festival couplets, blessing words, door gods, spring bars and red envelopes are all set together. In the Qing Dynasty, the pastel green land was painted with golden red bat, three hole bottle gourd bottle, and Qian Long's five character words. The festival atmosphere was full of good luck.

The the Imperial Palace Museum has the most say in the matter of "the aesthetics of the Forbidden City". This set of moon shadow carrying tea sets is the modern presentation of the "thousand li River map" hidden by the the Imperial Palace Museum. A song of green mountains and green water is printed on a pot of two cups of storage bags, so that the elegant art is no longer high above, historical famous paintings into our daily life.

The collection of the royal seal of the Imperial Palace and the symbolically meaningful lotus in Buddhism, with the double petals of different decorative languages, are folded together to match the meaning of the "two tits". This "fragrant flower and one world" is both classical and modern. A candlestick can be placed in the center, which can be inserted into the hole according to the hole. The dense texture is like the radiance and piety everywhere.

Is the traditional bedside lamp too monotonous? How about the book "Hai Hai Tu" Book lamp during the Kangxi years? Through the paper and book as the carrier of culture, the book "Hai Hai Tu" records the ancient form and description of the strange and strange marine life, and makes it into a Book lamp, which can not only model at 360 degrees, but also brighten every romantic night with retro rustic texture.

To speak of the recent "court wind", it is not the general heat. The first is the broadcast of court dramas that are not so long ago. The fine costumes and pricey props have attracted the attention of many spectators. After that, the TV program "the new the Imperial Palace" magically opened the wall with strict walls, which awakened the sleeping history and culture with the freshness of the youthful times, and brought the beautiful national treasures into the people's sight.

Indeed, those exquisite or simple cups and saucers in the TV dramas, those colourful but not colourful fabric decorations are really exquisite and pleasing. The cultural and creative derivatives created by the the Imperial Palace Museum and the top cross-border designers are also very damp. Perhaps you can't help asking, where can get get to the same section?

According to the "Beijing Youth Daily, Guangxia era", although some of the creative products of the new the Imperial Palace are still in the crowd raising stage, many of them have already gone far beyond the target of recognition, and will soon be able to buy them in their Taobao stores. In addition, we also found some good goods in the the Imperial Palace museum's flagship store and the National Museum flagship store in China. From home furnishings to house entertainment, there is a history of clothing accessories and precious gifts. Whether it's for home use or gift giving during the holidays, it's a good choice. Don't worry, I'll share it with you. Nothing to do with it is like opening a quest for dialogue with ancient civilizations.

(Editor: Xu Weina, Kong Haili)

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