Love IKEA for smart lighting entrance space.


In December 2018 06, 08:17 source: Beijing Business Today
Original title: love IKEA space war for intelligent lighting entrance

The general manager of the group of millet loT platform fan Dian announced, millet and love together to create space intelligent Home Furnishing installation services.

Intelligent lighting has been less attention, suddenly become hot. At the end of November 2018, the new home love space announced to expand the depth of cooperation with millet loT, jointly launched the whole house intelligent lighting package includes a small love box, wall switch, switch, wireless body sensor, alarm clock, small millet love multifunctional gateway six products; the same day, IKEA also announced the launch of millet Home Furnishing combined with intelligent lighting solutions the line, with millet compatible lighting products in December.

Analysts believe that the love of space and IKEA after the war, a breakthrough from the intelligent control system, an open port two for intelligent lighting, intelligent lighting entrance from different angles, or to promote intelligent lighting fast landing.

Love space push intelligent lighting package

With the Internet gene, is a subtle relationship between love and space by means of millet, millet smart home court surrendered Home Furnishing first report card.

11 month 2018 years 28 days, when the love space LOGO in millet AloT Developers Conference on the big screen appears, doubts, surprise guests to become the eyes of the main screen: millet has been removed for a long time the banner of love, why will appear in the millet home court? Millet and love together to create space intelligent Home Furnishing installation services, love space users in the decoration of the house can choose to install the millet intelligent lighting package." The general manager of the group of millet loT platform fan Dian mystery, love space launch a joint millet full house intelligent lighting package, including a small love box, wall switch, switch, wireless body sensor, alarm clock, small millet love multifunctional gateway six products, the price of 1799 yuan, including the door installation fee. In the future, love space decoration customers can make an appointment directly safe house intelligent lighting.

This step, love is ready for a long time. Love is a mysterious hidden space model in Beijing, a few years ago by chance, the Beijing Daily reporter in love space CEO Chen Wei's company had quietly entered, pushing the door, the door of a switch to control all home lights open, lights on, giving a very intuitive intelligence Home Furnishing experience. Over the past few years, the whole house intelligent lighting package love space launch more intelligent, a word on the control become a reality, as long as the Dodo mouth can be completed at home lighting.

IKEA intelligent lighting compatible with millet

Full understanding. In the love of space launch day intelligent lighting package, IKEA also announced a partnership with millet launched intelligent lighting solutions. "IKEA smart lighting will be compatible with the technology of millet platform, launched in December 2018." IKEA retail Anna China District President Pawlak-Kuliga said that the next 12 months, IKEA has a very overweeningly ambitious plan.

Provide installation services in different space and love, for the traditional lamp has research IKEA chose intelligent lighting products. "Through the market survey and customer questionnaire, IKEA found a couple of major challenges in the existing technology of intelligent Home Furnishing, too expensive, and considered the operation is too complex and difficult to understand." IKEA global smart Home Furnishing leader Bjorn said, is simple and affordable IKEA smart Home Furnishing exploration direction.

If the price can open market selling smart Home Furnishing, perhaps IKEA will not take Chinese and enterprise of science and technology cooperation in this step. "We want to use millet platform, can make the product more popular users." IKEA PR Manager Yang Fan understatement of a sentence is not simple. Analysts pointed out that the desire for more users is to promote IKEA and millet cooperation, open ports to the real reason. As early as 2016, IKEA has launched a smart bulb, but the market for two years is still tepid, sluggish growth in the domestic market under the crisis, IKEA is more eager to open the smart Home Furnishing market.

Intelligent lighting for entrance

Love space as a home improvement company from the control of propulsion system, IKEA Home Furnishing as companies from product and market terminal force, two for intelligent lighting entrance from different angles, and will accelerate the intelligent lighting landing.

"This two methods are completely different, there is no difference, mainly depends on consumers' demand." PHILPS lighting (Chinese) Investment Limited integration to the Beijing Daily reporter said Marketing Manager Shou Yiming, both want to do intelligent lighting, because intelligent lighting is the most easy landing in the intelligent Home Furnishing before, affected by the overall rate of intelligent Home Furnishing influences the development of intelligent lighting, the development of some slow, but with the rapid development of intelligent Home Furnishing intelligent speaker the entrance was opened, the next two or three years is expected to intelligent lighting will enter a rapid development period.

From engineering production and Research Institute of LED (GGII) data show that in 2017 years the scale of China smart lighting market reached 26 billion 400 million yuan, is expected to 2018 years GGII intelligent lighting market will reach 38 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 46.6%. Intelligent lighting market is rapidly opened, how to snatch opportunities? Shou Yiming think, first of all must adhere to the lighting itself, intelligent lighting technology and software are fast iterative, but will eventually be achieved by lighting, light source must be the best, secondly to select suitable partners of cross-border cooperation, who can provide consumers with more choice, who will have more opportunities.

(commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Kong Haili)

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