Love space IKEA fight for intelligent lighting entrance

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06 December 2018, 08:17 source: Beijing Business Today
Original title: love space IKEA fight for intelligent lighting entrance

Fan Dian, general manager of loT group of millet group, announced that millet and love space together to create smart home installation services.

Intelligent lighting, which has always been less of a concern, suddenly becomes hot. At the end of November 2018, the home decoration new love space announced the deep cooperation with millet loT, and launched the whole house intelligent lighting package including small love speaker, wall switch, wireless switch, human body sensor, Xiaomi alarm clock and multi-function gateway. On the same day, IKEA also announced that the joint millet launched the intelligent lighting solution, and the compatible lighting products with millet on December were launched on December.

Analysts believe that love space and IKEA after the war, from an intelligent control system, an open intelligent luminaire port, the two compete for intelligent lighting entrance from different angles, or will promote intelligent lighting quickly landing.

Love space promotes intelligent lighting package

With the Internet gene, and millet has a delicate relationship with love space, by millet home to hand over the smart home first transcript.

In November 28, 2018, when the LOGO of love space appeared on the big screen of the millet AloT Developers Conference, doubts and astonishment became the keynote of the guests who threw their eyes on the screen. They had already unloaded the long love space of millet flag, why did they appear at the home of millet? "Millet and love space together to create a smart home installation services, love space users in the decoration of the house when you can choose to add millet intelligent lighting packages." Xiaomi, general manager of the loT Platform Department of Xiaomi group, unveiled the mystery, love space joint millet launched the whole house intelligent lighting package, including small love speaker, wall switch, wireless switch, human body sensor, millet love alarm clock, multi-function gateway six kinds of products, the price is 1799 yuan, including the installation and commissioning fees of the upper door. In the future, customers who love the space decoration can directly make an appointment for safe whole house intelligent lighting.

In this step, love space has been prepared for a long time. Love space has hidden a mysterious model in Beijing. A chance a few years ago, the Beijing Commercial Daily reporter quietly walked in with the love space CEO Chen Wei. He pushed the door in. A switch at the door controlled all the lights in the house, and the lights lit up, giving people a very intuitive experience of smart home. Over the past few years, the whole house intelligent lighting package launched by love space has become more intelligent. In a word, turning on the lamp has become a reality.

IKEA intelligent lighting compatible millet

Tacit understanding is complete. On the same day that AI launched the smart lighting package, IKEA also announced the launch of an intelligent lighting solution with millet. "IKEA intelligent lighting will be compatible with millet platform, which was launched in December 2018." Anna Pawlak-Kuliga, President of IKEA Retail China, said IKEA had ambitious plans for the next 12 months.

Different from the installation service provided by the love space, IKEA, who has studied the traditional lamps and lanterns, has chosen the intelligent lighting product itself. "Through market surveys and customer questionnaires, IKEA has found two major challenges in smart home. The existing technology is too expensive, and is considered to be too complex and difficult to understand." Bjorn, head of IKEA global smart home, said that the direction of IKEA smart home exploration is simplicity and practicality.

If low prices can open the smart home market, perhaps IKEA will not step out of cooperation with Chinese technology enterprises. "We hope that with the help of millet platform, we can popularize more users." IKEA's public relations manager Yang Fan's understatement is not simple. Analysts pointed out that the desire for more users is the real reason for promoting IKEA and millet cooperation and opening ports to them. As early as 2016, IKEA launched smart light bulbs, but the two years of listing are still warm. Under the crisis of weak domestic market growth, IKEA is more eager to open the smart home market.

Scramble for intelligent lighting entrance

Love space as a home decoration company from the control system to promote, IKEA as a home business from the product and the market terminal force, the two compete for intelligent lighting entrance from different angles, or will accelerate the intelligent lighting landing.

"These two ways of application are completely different. There is no difference between the advantages and disadvantages, mainly depends on the needs of consumers themselves." PHILPS lighting (China) Investment Co., Ltd. integrated marketing communications manager Shou Yiming told the Beijing Commercial Daily reporter that the reason why they all want to do intelligent lighting is because intelligent lighting is the easiest landing in smart home. Before the development of smart home, the development of intelligent lighting is slow. But with the rapid development of smart speakers, the entrance of smart home has been opened. It is predicted that intelligent lighting will enter a rapid development in the next two or three years.

According to the data from the LED Research Institute (GGII), the scale of China's intelligent lighting market reached 26 billion 400 million yuan in 2017, and GGII estimated that the scale of intelligent lighting market in 2018 will reach 38 billion 700 million yuan, up 46.6% over the same period last year. The intelligent lighting market is rapidly opening up. How can we seize business opportunities? Shou Yiming believes that first of all, we must stick to the lighting itself, the intelligent lighting technology and software are being rapidly iterated, but ultimately they must be realized through lighting. The light source must be the best, followed by the choice of suitable partners for cross-border cooperation, and who can provide more choices for consumers, and who will have more opportunities.

(Editor: Sun Hongli, Kong Haili)

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