2019 household outlook, diversified channels, symbiosis and win-win situation

Zhang Dan

06 December 2018, 08:20 source: beijing morning post
Original title: new trend and new change -- 2019 home outlook

In 2018, the home industry has gone through a tortuous year in the overall adversity. During this year, the change of the household consumption market has brought new challenges to the home enterprises. Through the continuous upgrading of their industrial structure, product quality and service level, some excellent home enterprises can go up against the trend and bring many inspirations to 2019. In 2018, it has entered the last month. What new trends will the household industry trend towards? How can the transformation be able to stand out from the trend? The Beijing Morning Post reporter is looking forward to the new year with you.

Technology becomes core competitiveness under "new innovation"

With the change of the consumer market, the "gimmick" type of "pseudo innovation" is no longer in sight. "The time when we can create consumers with a casual concept will be gone forever. Even if the kids know the Internet," Mr. Yang told the Beijing Morning Post reporter for many years in the household business. Consumers will pay more attention to the sense of inner experience of home products. In recent years, many home enterprises will gradually shift their research and development focus to "internal", and innovate through the design of their own products, the quality of their workmanship, raw materials and their comfort. In the environment of "made in China 2025", the "new innovation" products suitable for Chinese consumers will be the magic weapon for the future household industry to seize market opportunities.

Differentiated products continue to be favored by consumers.

In recent years, although the scale of the customized home market has not been expanded as expected, it is undeniable that more and more consumers are beginning to accept the differentiated customized home experience. More and more families are beginning to try to meet different household demands through customization. In particular, with the arrival of the "two child era" lag, the household consumption upgrading with two child families as the main consumer group will be more intensive in coming years, and the demand for differentiated products will become more and more concrete.

Diversified channels, symbiosis and win win

Before and after this year's "double eleven", many traditional home enterprises, such as large stores and home decoration companies, have chosen various ways to "marry" with the Internet business platform. From the actual sales data and consumer market feedback, they have also achieved good results. Due to the particularity of household products, there are a certain proportion of consumer groups in various channels, such as online, offline retail and home shopping, and it is difficult to break the balance in a short time. In the new year, how to make full use of diversified channels is a key factor for achieving good results in 2019.

Environmental consumer demand continues to improve

The environmental problems of rental housing in 2018 have attracted the attention of home environmental protection. Nowadays, many consumers have placed environmental protection attributes in the selection of household products, and because many consumers are aware of environmental protection knowledge through the Internet and other channels in the process of shopping, the environmental identification ability of household products has also been greatly improved. The improvement of consumer identification ability makes some fake environmental products nowhere to hide, while some excellent environmental protection products are favored. Under the head and tail effect, environmental protection has become the key word of household product reshuffle. In the new year, it is a general trend to do environmental protection step by step.

Service oriented home enterprises to fine transformation

In 2018, at home exhibitions, some home vendors were doing some "little things", such as a home decoration APP, a data management software or even a smart lamp. As long as they are more comfortable with the comfort of home experience, they can attract consumers to stop and win business opportunities. In the new year, how to put some new technologies, such as big data, VR and AR, into the service experience, is a problem for every home business.

(Editor: Sun Hongli, Kong Haili)

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