2019 Home Furnishing outlook diversified channels win-win

Zhang Dan

In December 2018 06, 08:20 source: beijing morning post
Original title: prospects for the new trend of the new changes: 2019 Home Furnishing

In 2018, Home Furnishing industry through adversity in the whole year of twists and turns, in this year, the change Home Furnishing consumer market continue to pose new challenges Home Furnishing enterprises, through continuous upgrading its industrial structure, product quality, service level, some excellent enterprises can Home Furnishing bucked the trend, but also to bring the 2019 a lot of enlightenment, 2018 has entered the last month, there will be a new trend which Home Furnishing industry trend, how to reform from the trend in talent shows itself the Beijing morning news reporters together with you, looking forward to the new year.

The "new technology innovation" become the core competitiveness

With the changes in the consumer market, "gimmicks" of "pseudo innovation" retired, "casually make a concept can attract consumers has gone for ever, even the children know that online check" business for many years in the industry Home Furnishing Yang told the Beijing morning news reporter. Consumers will pay more attention to the inner experience of Home Furnishing products in recent years, many enterprises will Home Furnishing R & D center gradually to the "inside" transfer, according to the design, Home Furnishing products of its own raw material quality, workmanship, comfort and other aspects of innovation, in the "2025 Chinese manufacturing" environment, suitable for Chinese consumers "new innovative products, magic is the future Home Furnishing industry to seize market opportunities.

Differentiated products continue to be favored by consumers

In recent years, although the custom Home Furnishing expanding the size of the market is not as expected, but it is undeniable that more and more consumers began to accept the difference of the custom Home Furnishing experience, more and more families began to try to meet the different needs of home through the "customized" style, especially with two children age "lag of arrival, the next period of time to the two child family is the main consumer groups Home Furnishing consumption upgrade will be intensive for coming, differentiated products demand will be more and more figurative.

Multi channel win-win

In this year's "double eleven" after more than traditional Home Furnishing enterprises, such as large stores, home improvement company were selected in various ways with the Internet business platform "marriage", from the actual sales data and market feedback, also achieved good results. Because of the particularity of Home Furnishing products, both online and offline retail stores, Home Furnishing and other channels have a certain proportion of consumer groups, and the balance in a short period of time it is difficult to be broken, in the new year, how will the diversified organic channel utilization, 2019 is the key factor to achieve good results.

Green consumption demand increasing

The event of rental housing environmental issues in 2018 zheshiling Home Furnishing environmental problems caused concern, now many consumers in the choice of Home Furnishing products, has environmental attributes in the first place, and because many consumers in the purchase process, constantly through the Internet and other channels to understand the knowledge of environmental protection, environmental protection for the ability to identify Home Furnishing products have large scale promotion. To enhance the ability of consumers to identify the pseudo green products nowhere to hide, and some of the best environmental protection products are favored, and under the effect of environmental protection, has become a major reshuffle of the keywords Home Furnishing products, in the new year, to do environmental protection is represent the general trend.

The transformation of Home Furnishing enterprise service oriented to the fine

In 2018, the Home Furnishing exhibition, you can see some big manufacturers in Home Furnishing carefully do some "small", such as a home improvement APP, a data management software or even a smart lamp, as long as it is to do an article on Home Furnishing experience of comfort, can attract consumers to stop, to win business opportunities and in the new year, how will some high and new technologies such as big data, VR and AR fall into the service experience, every enterprise must think about Home Furnishing.

(commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Kong Haili)

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