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2018 12 06 April 08:22 source: beijing morning post
Original title: a review 2018 Home Furnishing industry keywords

2018, in a rapidly changing market, some enterprises set up shop, cross-border cooperation, continue to expand their business territory; some enterprises, lack of innovation, it is difficult to adapt to the changing market, accelerate the reshuffle in the bleak leave. Nearing completion in 2018, the Beijing morning news reporter, on 2018 Home Furnishing Market Review and inventory.

Keywords 1 shop layout

Following the EASYHOME 2017 annual fixed shop number 60, the total number of stores reached 222. At the beginning of 2018 to continue the pace of opening, set to Home Furnishing industry, 2018 to shop 300 goals. Not only in the city expansion, jbmm also gradually deepening the four or five line of the city intensive and meticulous farming.

As of June 2018, Meikailong operates a total of 267 stores, 180 City covering 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, total operating area of 15 million 955 thousand and 200 square meters. The future will continue to focus on the core area of the city in the first tier and second tier dealers to strategic layout. In addition, Meikailong continued in the three line of the city and other city rapid expansion tube mall commission.

Keywords 2 cross-border cooperation

In 2018, the traditional Home Furnishing industry started with the Internet depth of integration, cross-border cooperation has become the mainstream of dynamic. 2 month 11 days, the Internet giant Alibaba to join a number of institutions to Home Furnishing circulation leading enterprises EASYHOME strategic investment of 13 billion yuan, which Ali invested 5 billion 453 million yuan, holding EASYHOME 15% shares. 3 month 27 days, the Internet cloud design platform of 3D completed by Meikailong receive 300 million yuan B round of financing investment. In July 9th, the two companies together again, held the fifth session of the 2018 century innovation "3D Technology Innovation Conference and Meikailong design cloud platform launch ceremony in Guangzhou. At the beginning of May, the orange house and NetEase strict selection of cooperation in the selected HOME zone "landing in Ningbo, also launched a joint soft package of products, new formats Home Furnishing test. 6 16, Jingdong and Jingdong Sibutramine Home Furnishing teamed up to create Sibutramine - Fashion living museum in Beijing landing. 9 27 April Sibutramine Jingdong home flagship store opened in the North ring. 7 6, global social business platform and software Home Furnishing China catcher leading brand "Gu Home Furnishing" jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou. 10 31 April, Meikailong and Tencent announced the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership, and released its first collaboration platform -- MP.

Keywords 3 new retail

Ali yunqi meeting on October 2016, the Alibaba Ma Yun in his speech, first proposed the new retail enterprises, Home Furnishing industry began to constantly explore new models, new retail in 2018, the new retail industry is still the theme of Home Furnishing. In April this year, actually home to create a one-stop commercial projects EASYHOME experience MALL open its doors in Lize business district. EASYHOME experience MALL at home nearly 230 stores in the first supermarkets, catering theater, sports fitness, children's entertainment, home care, intelligent digital and other large consumer formats of the whole layout. 4 15, Tmall & Sophia Beijing cooperation wisdom stores opened in Beijing North Fourth Ring EASYHOME, re decoration after the revision of the Sophia store with the technology provided by Ali take on an altogether new aspect, plus new hardware re interpretation of "new retail". After Shanghai C shop, 7 LuxeHome delivery opened the first shop in C 2 in Beijing, "home delivery" way of life, become a set of "eat, drink and play multiple life into one" way of life experience center. TATA wooden doors and Tmall together to create hundreds of stores landing wisdom. In the wisdom of Tmall stores, including TATA doors on-line "happiness decoration Housing", "happy home life" and "happiness and family education", "happiness and spiritual growth" of the four major categories of nearly a thousand books, consumers can easily enjoy reading, or self purchase of TATA wooden products. With Tmall VR terminal to experience the wisdom of "science and technology, consumers will be able to experience the effect of installation in the shop.

Keywords 4 environmental protection

In 2018, the environmental protection efforts continue to overweight. Enterprises in the production of their products more environmentally friendly. 1 2018 1, "environmental protection law" formally implemented, the environmental tax levy a far-reaching impact on the industry Home Furnishing. In May 1st, the new national standard "interior decoration decoration materials of wood-based panels and manufactured goods in limited release formaldehyde" formal implementation, as imitation board and its products industry is the only mandatory national standards for wood-based panel furniture production enterprises and downstream requirements more stringent.

Keywords 5 foot

In 2018, Home Furnishing industry continues to shuffle the footsteps of many companies in the air to enter, but they do support, had to leave. In March 15, 2018, Hubei (Hunan Wuhan apple apple decoration decoration company) has been a large number of owners complaints reflect the contract and after the money, did not start or shutdown, and warranty are Jiezhuang quality problems, then, Apple stores many of the decorative door suddenly deserted; in May, "a decoration chain platform No. Home Furnishing net" Chengdu shops suddenly closed. There is a lemon tree decoration, I love my family, and there are some shop decoration master run away.

Keywords 6 standard specification

In 2018, a number of industry standard or update, to further standardize the industry Home Furnishing. China's first heavy coating service standard "indoor wall and wooden recoating service and acceptance specification (T/CNCIA02002-2017)" formally implemented in January 1st this year, to ensure the quality of indoor wall and wood heavy coating services, environmental protection requirements, and at the same time to ensure customer Home Furnishing items not affected by the construction, improve the quality of service. The newly revised "GB/T 18107-2017" GB/T 35475-2017 "rosewood and mahogany timber product specifications" on July 1, 2018 formally implemented, the provisions of the definition and classification of mahogany products, for species, sapwood and moisture content, material requirements and test methods for the mahogany products. "" rosewood stipulates the categories and characteristics of the species name and mahogany wood, strict definition of "meaning and category mahogany". The domestic electricity supplier industry issued Home Furnishing first send installed standard "Home Furnishing electricity supplier delivery and installation services standards", the contents of the code around each link consumer concern, concern for businesses, personnel requirements, facilities and equipment, delivery, installation, acceptance, customer service service, service standard and service quality evaluation and other aspects, for the consumer online shopping furniture the addition of a heavy security products. "Metal furniture general technical conditions" "wood furniture general technical conditions" "furniture mattress combustion performance evaluation" several standards of furniture products, technical requirements, test methods and other modifications.

Keywords 7.

In 2018, the "ready" has become an important battlefield of Pan Home Furnishing enterprises. This year's fair, Luxuries launched the "new delivery ready", Optima launched the "star in". In addition to the whole house custom Optima, Sophia, Holike, Luxuries delivery and more commercial power, aimed at the "ready" Blue Ocean: real estate enterprises garden, Evergrande, Vanke and other downstream, all the decoration and furniture appliances; the Internet platform to be realized in the flow; there are ceramic building materials, household electrical appliance enterprises also started the whole house renovation.

Keywords 8 m

In 2018, Home Furnishing enterprises in the acquisition moves frequently. January 8, 2018, Markor Home Furnishing recently announced the two acquisitions, respectively is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Trading Co., cause $4 million 920 thousand in cash, to buy M.U.S.T. Holdings Limited furniture company 60% stake. In January 10, 2018, KUKA and NATUZZI (nearly 60 years of history, Italy is currently the largest furniture company. The evening of April 23rd, the baby rabbit announcement that the company intends to follow the price of HK $1.55 per share, invested approximately HK $418 million (about 335 million yuan) acquisition of nature Home Furnishing (02083.HK) by the second major shareholders holding 270 million shares of Home Furnishing nature. The May 4th announcement that Jinyu Group intends to 4 billion 315 million yuan acquisition of Tianjin building materials group 55% stake. In May, the nature Home Furnishing announced the acquisition of well-known German cabinet manufacturer ALNO group's high-end cabinet brand Wellman (Wellmann). The evening of May 23rd Sibutramine announcement, the proposed joint Huatai Zijin investment to Norway, the Oslo stock exchange, all shareholders of listed companies Ekornes ASA launched a cash tender offer.

(commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Kong Haili)

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